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Comment une technique si simple et agréable peut-elle tant changer ?

Free introductory conference in Brussels: . The number of places is limited, please reserve your place with the form below.

Experience 6 million practitioners of TM worldwide and 350 scientific research for over 40 years show that the MT is the most effective method to reduce stress and therefore reduce depression, anxiety , insomnia, ADHD, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc … In addition, the TM practice really enhances self confidence and develops our creative potential.

Transcendence is more than a relaxation technique

girl meditatingMeditation is increasingly considered to keep stress under control but the real experience of transcendence more done. Transcendence is described in the oldest texts in the world, as the supreme human experience; an essential experience to our full development. Today we can confirm it scientifically, measuring what happens in our body and our brain during the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

1. A state of rest exceptionally deep , even deeper than during sleep;
2. A deep feeling of peace and joy , measurable by a net decrease in the production of stress hormones and increasing the production of hormones of happiness;
3. More efficient brain function , observed on EEG measures ..

These are all effects that make the practice of TM so effective in improving all areas of life.

Transcend is access to a state of deep rest. A measurable experience …

Transcendence is a state where the mind reaches a deep calm, a situation that is achieved naturally and spontaneously by the practice of TM, but that one should not try to reach any state. This state is associated with an exceptional level of physical relaxation, far higher than sleep. This can be measured very simply.


In this graph, from a research done at Harvard University, we see that we reach a state of physical relaxation almost immediately. This state is much deeper than what one can live after a few hours of sleep (the measurement is here a decline of our oxygen consumption). Ref. 27 Science Vol. 167 no. 3926 pp. 1751-1754 1970
Scientific American 226: 84-90 in 1972
. More than 30 studies around the world have confirmed this state of deep rest obtained during the MT practice. Ref. American Psychologist, 1987 42: 879-881.

This state of active relaxation the power of the body to heal itself.

We all know that relaxing means removing tension, a condition where the body will truly and naturally eliminate tension. The body can overcome the deeper tensions that we accumulate as traumatic stress, provided that the state of relaxation is deep enough.

CNN storyAccording to a recent study that really interested the press, it seems that after only 8 weeks of practice of Transcendental Meditation, the symptoms of veterans post-traumatic stress of war in Iraq have decreased by 50%. Ref . Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212-215 Results ever previously recorded.

Only the mere confirmation of an earlier search carried out on veterans of the Vietnam war.

PTSD, -anxiety, -Depression

After 3 months of TM practice, there is a significant drop from the effects of post-traumatic stress including depression and insomnia. 70% of patients no longer need their treatment. In contrast, the control group receiving an ordinary psycho-therapeutic treatment, shows no significant improvement. Ref. Military Medicine, june 2011

These are the people face much deeper problems than ours. Therapy can not help them. If the MT works at home, where any other technique gives no results so far, we can perhaps infer that this can also help each of us to reduce his stress level.

Here is a video that shows the power in people of a heavy stress and tells us why more and more scientists, teachers, celebrities and government support Transcendental Meditation.


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In search of happiness

Ancient texts describe the transcendent experience as a deep inner happiness. It is for this reason that the mind transcends spontaneously when given the correct angle, because it is always in search of greater happiness.

In our day, thanks to modern science, we can objectively measure these states, by measuring the concentration of serotonin, our happiness hormone. When we are stressed, the production of serotonin in the brain decreases. During the practice of TM, it increases spontaneously. Ref. BUJATTI, M., and Riederer, P. Serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine metabolites in Transcendental Meditation technical. Journal of Neural Transmission 39: 257 to 267.1976


Medical research has shown that many problems such as depression, addiction, migraines, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, anger, eating disorders, etc … are related to a concentration of too low serotonin. Artificially manipulate the concentration of serotonin by drugs, is not always effective and has many negative side effects. Thanks to the experience of transcendence, it increases spontaneously, without negative side effects.

How to learn to transcend?

A true meditation practice effortlessly. It is nice. Anyone can learn it and the results are immediate

David Lynch-Russell-BrandThe experience of transcendence can be done naturally and effortlessly. It is a state of deep inner calm, that we can achieve if one tries not to be calm. The more you try, the more keeps our minds active. This is why most current methods meditations that require concentration have little effect.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught by professional teachers specially trained to bring each person to the transcendent state, naturally.

Once we reached this state, it is in the memory. The spirit will return spontaneously, completely naturally and effortlessly, provided one uses the correct method. This technique is explained in 4 sessions held on 4 consecutive days, step by step, at the rate of 1 to 2 hours per day. Then a personalized 6 months ensures that the practice remains correct.

Discover in an hour how everything can change

This site is full of information on what Transcendental Meditation, how it works and how you can learn it. The first step is simply to attend a free introduction and without obligation. During these seminars, you will hear more about how the TM technique actually works and what you can expect. These introductions are held in Brussels on . Space is limited. Please RSVP with the form below.

Apprenez la Méditation Transcendantale à Espace MT

Chemin des Croisettes 26, (1st floor), 1066, Lausanne (Epalinges) Cliquez ici pour voir la carte


Les conférences d'introduction à la MT sont gratuites mais le nombre de places est limité. Inscrivez-vous ci-dessous.

Désolé, il n'y a aucun séminaire d'information prévues à l'heure actuelle, mais nous sommes heureux de vous tenir informés lorsque les prochains sont annoncés!
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Espace MT

Chemin des Croisettes 26, (1st floor), 1066, Lausanne (Epalinges)

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